Records Retrieval

Our success is a Direct Result of our Commitment to Excellence

Records retrieval begins with thorough research.  MBR has been called the “masters of research” with good reason. The process of locating witnesses/custodians of records can be complex, but with diligence most can be found. During our research process we determine not only to whom the request be served, but in what manner is best to expedite the process.

We maintain an extensive database including witness locations, attorneys of record, and all case sensitive information, including updated status of all requested records that can be accessed via our web repository.

Custom Direct Questions and Affidavits are tailored to our client’s specifications and are integral in our research process. Each client has the option of choosing special handling for Notices, Direct Questions, Affidavits, reporting and production. Each and every set of legal papers is quality controlled for accuracy prior to service.

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Cost Control

We are pleased to offer volume incentive pricing to better enable you to budget and control your litigation costs. Marshall’s Business Records, Inc., offers you a service oriented solution with the highest quality technology and geographical coverage in record retrieval throughout Texas.

Customized Billing

Marshall’s Business Records, Inc., realizes that our clients have different needs when it comes to their invoices. We offer a variety of billing options that allow you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Direct Billing

We offer you the choice of billing directly to you. In order to save time and money, all invoices can be electronically transmitted or delivered via courier in accordance with your specifications.

Volume Pricing

We offer you an incentive to use our services exclusively. With your commitment to Marshall’s Business Records, Inc., we will discount our standard rates based upon the volume of business your company or firm generates.

Cost Control Benefits

We provide you with advanced knowledge of your litigation costs allowing you to more accurately budget. There are no surprises.

Records Request

To order records email your order to or complete our “Records Request” form.